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30 Great EQs The List

Buon Natale e Buon Anno Nuovo, continuate a seguirci sul nostro sito Facebook che terremo aggiornato con suggerimenti musicali e altre notizie dal mondo della musica e dell'audio. Un perfetto regalo di Natale in tema audiophile? Mark torna sui miti e le leggende dell'audio, mailbird secondo lui il pensiero di gruppo audiofilo genera i falsi miti M. Have you ever heard the music of Klaus Schulze?

30 Of The Best EQ Plugins In The World

His music is melodic and rhythmic with good arrangements. The results are pretty eerie I must admit. As ever, the list is not in rank order and features some top choices for any budget, from free and donation-only plugins to top-end hardware-replacing picks.

Despite this, and the fact the guy runs a label that releases music in metal-related genres, this one here is hardly dark or depressive. Not sure that it belongs here. The line-up features Gene Gross who would later form part of the duo Augenstern and a few other, more obscure names. Krautrock-influenced band that uses a lot of electronics for a sort of a Neu! Si ritiene che qui si tratti di costruzioni astratte modellate sulla teorica dell'accentuazione greca.


Jon Santo real name - Andreas E. As a soloist, he is a multi-disciplinary artist working in such genres as turntablism, drone, field recordings, musique concrete, sound collage and more. Highly underrated secret weapons Major Tom for the win.

Schmoelling, Johannes Germany. Italian guitar player and composer who started his career as a member of several jazz bands. Supposedly, the same style as his work with Schulze on Trance Appeal. This one here is more experimental and has a weird horror synth vibe to it.

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Modular synth artist very much into spontaneous composition, improvised drones and self-generating patches. Tutta la furia del sublime e interviste a Rocky Horror e Krishna Biswas. Shambala Networks Romania. Apparently, it's more jazzy and funky. Electronic artist from Bilbao.

30 Of The Best EQ Plugins In The World

Melodic style a bit reminiscent of Tangerine Dream. Mechanically Separated is a sampler that contains various alternative versions, b-sides and rare tracks. Schulenburg, Richard von der Germany.

Tre elementi sono dileguati in sca nds la. These releases are completely or almost completely ambient, with music mostly of the darker variety. Nice, melodic, accessible sound with no beats to speak of for the most part.

Improvised ambient atmospheres with guitar and synths. All of the Pultec range are renowned for their great sound and having been built like tanks, which partly explains why they are still around in top studios around the world today. Mysterious and moody ambient soundscapes with some tracks leaning towards glitchy dub techno. Alterazioni dipendenti unicamente dall'accento.

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Obscure Medieval Ambient with Black undertones. The album is a weird electronic opera with vocoded vocals. Legendary keyboard player of the group Can. It's really uncompromising, rough music, often abstract and harsh, in other words, very interesting. He is also a versatile musician, with so much more going for him, than just dubstep or any kind of club-related music.

Frankfurt-based experimental composer and former collaborator of Brian Eno. The music was composed for a slide show about buddhism. Fat, droning, experimental sound, hypnotic and very listenable. Electronic musician with something of a Conrad Schnitzler mindset.

Seeuws, Patrick Netherlands. In terms of price, you get what you pay for. Samoylenko, Dmitriy Russia. Because it works as advertised. Drone Ambient released by Forrest Fang under a pseudonym.

Some parallels with the early mellotron experiments of King Crimson can also be drawn. The style was very diverse with strong zappa esque flair. Beurmann, - was a physician and musicologist who studied at the universities of Cologne and Copenhagen. Sitar, surbahar, tabla and acoustic percussion is played by Ian Matthews.

Saccomani, Jean-Pierre France. Includes some spoken narrative pieces as well as instrumentals.

Electronic Music heavily inspired by the Baroque period of European classical tradition. Jazz pianist and keyboard player. There may be others as well.

Effetti di un accento secondario sulla prima sillaba di parole accentate sulla terza devono essere considerati casi come ital. Warm soundscapes from Ohio, some beatless, some with downtempo beats.

The Great Crater is a nice entry into the Ambient genre. Aside from that my vote is also for Mequalizer it wins big time in price and feaures. Sanfilippo, Bruno Argentina.

30 Great EQs The List

Scopece, Alessandro Italy. Rhythmic, analog, sequence-full music from this North Carolina-based project. Schaltkreis Wassermann Switzerland.

His music is mostly based on loops, turntables and processed concrete sounds. He is also known as Magic Keys. Antonio Sanguiliano's music can be described as Tangerine Dream -like electronics, but also classically inspired. After that, Sam Samshuijzen went solo within more experimental realms. On their release, they decided to go the synth way and it was a fantastic decision.