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The longer the customer is forced to wait, the more hearts he or she loses. Story Flo is a hard worker at a big stock market company in Dinertown.

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Flo can be moved around the restaurant to complete tasks. Each type of customer has different degrees of patience and tipping habits.

There are things you have to do in different orders to get the best combos, and part of the fun of the game is stretching the customer's limits to get the best combos possible. It has all the elements of a good time management game. This game is as fun as other time management games!

When customers lose all their hearts, they leave the restaurant, costing the player points. Therefore you may see repeated messages to install the GamePlayer, but it will not work. Cover art for the Xbox version.

If enough money is earned after each level, the player progresses to the next. Diner Dash Deluxe is a great restaurant-sim that allows you to forget about your dailly routine and dream about your very own restaurant business. Diner Dash Download free Full Version.

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After the chef has prepared the meal, Flo must deliver the food. Forum posts about Diner Dash. Flo can perform various actions, such as talking to customers or serving them drinks, to revive these hearts.

Welcome to Diner Dash Deluxe, things for sims 3 for the game that brings out the entrepreneur in all of us! Diner Dash Free Download Torrent.

Unfortunately there is no solution for this issue, as this is outside of our control. We can't help you out if you write about it in your post, so click here to go to our Help pages or here to contact our Customer Support Team instead. Gameplay involves seating customers and guiding Flo around the restaurant to serve customers. Play Now Download free trial now. Anyway, this is a great game if you enjoy virtually serving virtual customers and watching your business grow.

Gameplay Gameplay involves seating customers and guiding Flo around the restaurant to serve customers. In the Cooking Dash variation, the player actually prepares the food as opposed to bringing the order to the chef for him to prepare it. Please be advised we use cookies on our site in order to give you the best experience. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When the customers are finished eating they must be taken a check, at which point the customers leave a tip and their dishes on the table, departing the restaurant.

She spots a run-down old diner, which she buys. Gameplay centers around catering to customers to gather as much money as possible. Each successful action earns the player points, performing the same action multiple times in a row earns the player a chain bonus, which is broken once a different action is performed. The goal of a level is to earn a certain number of points.

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Thank you for writing a post! To play this game, simply enter your email and password. Your email address will not be published. Career mode, which follows the story of Flo, and Endless Shift, a survival mode in which the player must last as long as possible in a single level. Flo quits her job, wishing she could work someplace else.

The online version of this game requires an ActiveX plug-in, which may no longer work. As the game progresses Flo updates the dilapidated restaurant she begins with and builds three further restaurants, which provide new settings. If you like classic-style time management games, this one is for you!

As customers arrive in the restaurant, the player must drag and drop them onto a table, where they sit down and read menus. Wedding Dash series Hotel Transylvania Dash. Diner Dash is a strategy video game and time management initially developed by New York City -based American game development studio Gamelab and published by San Francisco-based PlayFirst. There are also expert point totals for advanced players to achieve.

Flo is a hard worker at a big stock market company in Dinertown. No one's written about Diner Dash yet. Click here to download this game again. Do you have an issue with your game? The dishes must be cleared by Flo before the next set of customers can use the table.

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She's tired of doing all the work and feeling unfulfilled. This was my first time management game and I loved it! This gives you lots of benefits, such as personalized game recommendations and discount offers!

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It starts off slow but gets fast. Discuss with other players!

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