Endless Love Scott Spencer

The supporting characters are mostly fairly interesting. Both characters are basically where they started which makes the entire book pointless.

His parents pull strings to have him released early, much to Hugh's chagrin. Qui Robin Wright e Tom Hanks.

For as I have said, only those who are mad are capable of that. There are no actual plot points in the beginning that even remotely grabbed my attention.

Scott Spencer (writer)

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Spencer is a master at constructing a genuine love scene with a rawness and tenderness that makes the heart ache with both madness and astonishment. Ma non volevo spaventarla. It saddens me whenever I discover a book too many years too late. And it's worth mentioning that Endless Love has one of the strongest, most gripping openings of any book I've ever read.

David receives his many letters upon his exit, and upon realizing why Jade never wrote back, decides to pursue her even though he knows full well that it will violate his parole. In my world, it deserves to be on a special bookshelf all its own, with a museum-style spotlight shining on it, feather-dusted every day. Most of us stream back and forth between those two minds, drifting around in our private self and then coming forward into the public self whenever we need to.

He is a faithful lover, the ideal for women, especially that he is a veritable sex machine. And her parents are hippies, so free and open that they welcome David into their home and into their hearts. Ma noi non leggiamo di David. The original music score was composed by Jonathan Tunick.

Riveting, compulsively readable, and ferociously sexual, Endless Love tells the story of David Axelrod and his overwhelming love for Jade Butterfield. To its credit, I managed to read Endless Love fairly quickly, website for ing series for so it wasn't intolerable. It happens every so often and it was certainly the case with Endless Love. Why is this story one of the best descriptions of love instead of a crime thriller?

This book was just boring from start to finish. There are some gnarly scenes. If you stay there long enough you might see everyone you ever knew. David keeps this a secret.

Nevertheless, he continues to write her daily, but his letters are not sent due to the court order to make no contact with Jade. How can a book that has so much wrong with it be so powerful? The film was released the next day.


Qui Cate Blanchett e Brad Pitt. What else should you expect? Long repressed feelings and failures in communication lead to divorces. The trouble is that I just don't think he's an interesting character. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

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Lord knows I kept reading jaw. It's again a matter of taste and personal experience and should not be a criteria of dismissing the story because some parts of it are too explicit. He let his own emotions do the thinking for him and take over his logic. Jade's nightly trysts begin negatively impacting her grades and her ability to sleep. My bookshelf brims with philosophy and poetry.

Endless Love by Scott Spencer

He bursts into tears while making love, the salty droplets of his tears mixing with the blood smeared on his face. The Brooke Shields movie was supposedly based on this, and I think we can safely say that they didn't read this book. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Topics Mentioning This Author. My mentioning of the movie titles is not accidental.

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Scott Spencer blew me away. Scott Spencer puts us into the mind of a psychopath. Scott Spencer is able to write some very meaningful lines and thought provoking dialogue about people and their true hidden meanings and interactions. Spencer has also worked as a journalist. Maybe it was Spencer's remarkably evenhanded treatment of impassioned teenage love, a treatment that didn't stoop to either cheesy reverence or stale condescension.


This review was spoiler-free - everything said in this review is explained in Chapter One. This, crucially, gives us a break from reading page after page of David being a total imbecilic dumbfuck. The film is also notable for being the film debut of Tom Cruise in a minor role.

David licks her with gusto, like it's strawberry syrup running between her legs, takes her every which way with his pecker that goes harder after each ejaculation. Same with David and Jade, it is easy to judge him as a stalker and an egotist and her as weak and impressionable, but does that really make their passion untrue? Fires have a way of catching and burning and doing more damage more quickly than David had ever imagined.

Director Franco Zeffirelli subsequently made several cuts in the love scenes between Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt to achieve a lower rating. What amazes me is how even though his actions were at times questionable and borderline stalker, I was able to walk away feeling sympathetic for David. There was a problem adding your email address. This book made me feel, made me reflect on my own emotions, and made me really connect with the main protagonist.