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Thank You very much in advance. If you are using microperforated Artisyn, you can skip this step.

Myoids Fake ID Guide

It is recommended, when using an iron, to cover the card with a towel or t-shirt, or paper bag, so that the plastic does not melt to the iron. Generally these are very expensive and are difficult to find. All our ids and dls passes all scan tests. It's cheaper to buy one, and the person who made it will get in a lot of trouble, whereas you're not as likely to. If you take your own photo, try to do it against a blank background in bright or neutral lighting, and keep the frame focused around your face.

Contributors are given priority. Printing on Teslin with an inkjet does not work well and tends to look grainy and smeared. Be sure to print both the front and back. We agree and only reason we post it is that number one is funny. Want to play a fun game and learn about wikiHow?

Cut and glue the scans together. Using this method one brushes on the part of the laminate meant to be on the inside a light coating of pearl ex covering the entire sheet. If you want to use a desktop inkjet printer, you will achieve better results with Artisyn or Artisyn NanoExtreme synthetic paper. Again, if you use dye-based inks, make sure to use Artisyn.

Wish you luck hookin on the strip you will need it. States in green text are available to request. This tool will allow you to click a color in the image and it will select all surrounding colors that are similar or the same. This type of hologram is pretty much impossible to duplicate using the Pearl-Ex method below.

See the method below for making your own hologram. They are cheaper than Teslin, and work well with all types of printers including inkjet and laser printers.

Teslin paper Butterfly laminate pouches A pouch laminator An encoder to encode the magnetic strip on the pouch optional. Would it be cheaper to make my own one or buy a pre-made one? Replace the photo with a new one. Both types can be found from sources online.

You can search for templates by state or province. You have to unzip the file! Would like to get the Ohio preferried.

This product is for making stencils. See below for a list of abbreviations. Print the image on a transparency. Yes, just be sure to keep the changes realistic.

The booze is celestial and so are our fakes. How do I decipher what combination of numbers to use on a fake license, courier guide and does it matter?

Free Fake ID Templates

These paints are transparent when viewed from straight on. It accurately clones this specification. Run the carrier through the laminator. Print both sides of the scan on heavy cardstock. Hi, could i have the Republic of Cyprus drivers license template?

There are two types of magnetic stripes, HiCo and LoCo. Edit the eye and hair color fields. Try to use a similar font.

Free scanable and editable fake ID for download

If this was compatible with other then photoshop it would be very helpful. Did this summary help you? Pick the two most dominant colors and buy the matching Perl-Ex colors. They express shipped my id, and it arrived within the guaranteed time frame.

Hi, I need Illinois and Georgia templates. We do not purchase a standard template from the market.

My friend was very happy with your template and was able to make a pretty good fake with a standard laser printer. Download an editing program to alter your template.

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Make sure to get the front and back, and note any holographic elements. You must use a thermal heat pouch laminator. Trim any overlapping edges. Immediately following lamination, it is helpful to place the card under something flat like a book so that it cools flat. You can then magnify the image and use the eraser tool to clean up around the person's face.

Is this article up to date? It looks like a pencil but has a flexible tip. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them? Laser printers produce sharp and clear images, but the ink tends to look waxy. Enter a full name, without abbreviations.

Some shops near you could also have some of this stuff. The higher the variance, the more of the image that will be selected.


This means that it looks transparent when looked at directly but when tilted to the sides the hologram lets off a rainbow spectrum. You can also adjust the contrast and brightness to match the original photo.

The Shield and Key hologram is the most commonly used generic hologram and is a transparent rainbow hologram. Keep up the great work on this amazing site. Courier, with slab serif, was used on a lot of older licenses.