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The host usually lets the most admired poet present be the last to perform. They are needed for each other.

The audience often interacts with the poets, most often with encouraging calls of wah wah at the end of appreciated couplets. The Tarahi Mushaira is a particular form where a misra is given, and poets compose their ghazals using that misra and the behar rhythmic metre of the misra.

Munnwar Rana New Mushaira

The latter is done when a poet's first couplet is appreciated. You can do better than that? What music expresses is eternal, infinite, and ideal. Get the latest music for your cellphone.

Munnwar Rana New Mushaira

If a couplet is particularly appreciated, there may be calls for the poet to repeat it, or the audience might spontaneously repeat it themselves. Tutorials for Music Morpher. Get all the new funny stuff emailed each day. Wanna make a more interesting album?

Mazahiya Mushaira is very popular these days, people enjoying the recitation with great pleasure. Sometimes a mushaira is more competitive.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Barish Dhoka Dosti Intezar.

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Traditionally, a burning candle used to be passed from one end of the line to the other indicating whose turn it is to present. Happy together with Heiniken beer. These days invited guest poets will usually be seated behind a long table at the front of the room, with often the most admired of them seated in the centre.

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Urdu Funny Poetry is loved in pakistan, so we have a huge collection of Urdu Funny Poetry lined up for our visitors to read. You can also make funny audio clips on your own. Feel free to add your own Funny Shayari Shayari here. If the poetry is humorous in nature, relex reliability software it is referred to as Mazahiya Mushaira.

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Listen to what others have made! Stay current with uniqued remixes. Listen to your music come alive! One person will host the mushaira, inviting each poet to come and perform. However, the form is relatively free, and anyone can come forward and ask to perform.

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