Go Ask Alice

Halfway through I wanted to stop reading because I was so bored and I was skimming but I kept going so I could find out what happened and also so I could give it a negative review. The truth in stories can be scary. But I'm not going to change my review because, at the time, this is what I felt.

Within months, she was hooked, trapped in a downward spiral that took her from her comfortable home and loving family to the mean streets of an unforgiving city. It would make even the cleanest of people stay off drugs for the rest of their lives. It is a blatant slap in the face to all families who have suffered real drug related losses. You will never forget her. We have no idea whose diary we're reading, or who this girl even is we're never actually given a name.

Anyway, apart from the fact that this book is a fraud, it's also stupid. Now that I know it isn't a true story, I don't really have anything good to say about it. Upon its publication, almost all contemporary reviewers and the general public accepted it as primarily authored by an anonymous teenager. What drug you would have to be on to believe that this was a real diary?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The author was clearly trying to scare people with this book.

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Even as a year-old, however, it was obvious to me that every single one of these books was written by the same person Ms. The reader is supposed to accept that a girl who can't figure out how a doctor can tell if a girl is a virgin, would, a relatively short time later, be using language out of a Henry Miller novel.

In conclusion, I feel that I should make it known that it is not most important to reflect soaly sp? Urban Legends Reference Pages. It's written in first person in traditional diary form. The only reason I read this book is because I thought it was an autobiography. This is a sensationalist piece of garbage.

Decades after its original publication, Go Ask Alice became one of the most challenged books of the s and s. Trivia About Go Ask Alice. Glovach is a co-author of Go Ask Alice. Released from the hospital, the diarist returns home, unleashed jet li movie finally free of drugs. It is a blunt and cruel diary of a girl and she doesn't skim over the facts.

If this is on some level a real diary once again, extremely unlikely the advertisement and sale of it as a lurid, trashy cautionary tale is a disturbing thought. You'd think that the book would be much praised by the sort of ultra-conservative parents who actually believe in this kind of crap, but no, every year it makes the list of the most-challenged books. There are a total of two diaries total and the end of the book is completely left unexplained.

The writing completely changes during the book. Overwhelmed by her worries, the diarist begins to take sleeping pills, first stolen from her grandparents, then later prescribed by her doctor upon returning home. Dear Diary, I feel awfully bitched and pissed off at everybody. It really bothered me that the author said it was a real teenagers diary, when really it was just a work of fiction.

People become so dependant that when they're not constantly on, they can't remember what it's like to feel free and happy without chemicals in their bodies. Remember I told you I had a date with Bill? And I tell them, yes, my mother knew, before I was even finished with the first entry.

We are all entitled to our opinions and I understand some may not like it. This story would be more powerful as a Go Ask Alice is one of the least believable fake diaries I have ever read. From the outset, I knew it was going to be a tough book, one I wasn't sure I could stomach. Go Ask Alice First paperback ed.

So I'm glad they did it to me, because now I can feel free and honest and virtuous about not having made the decision myself. It's hard for me to write this review because I don't really know where to begin. She told me that she and her best friend had a teary talk about how sad the My daughter read this book.

Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks

Go Ask Alice

Sparks totally made it all up. This story would be more powerful as a story about redemption.

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This book is crap on its own. But the one thing that hasn't changed is that addiction can still ruin lives the way it always has. Can a bad trip be permanently dangerous to a person's sanity?

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Scandals in American History. The University of Georgia Press. But maybe if it's written really well, it would be redeeming. It was written back when conservatives thought they needed to fictionalize drug abuse in order to frighten teenagers. It wasn't a very good diary, you didn't seem to get a proper look inside the person's head and you couldn't sympathise with them.

According to Sparks, the girl later died, although not of an overdose. When I tell people this, they usually look at me in an appalled fashion, and ask if my parents knew I was reading it. They must look within the depths of this girl's words, and try to understand what she was feeling as she wrote them. It's also worth seeing the film if you can, it's so B movie that it's great fun. The one good thing I suppose about this book was that it told teens that it is okay to speak to someone if you're in trouble.

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