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Good picnic spots in bangalore dating, what are the romantic places in Bangalore in summer?

The temple boasts wonderful architecture and great sculptures. The fortress is famous for trekking, and the hills around the place serve as a perfect spot to view the breathtaking sunrise and sunset. Once a vibrant city, Talakad was supposedly the victim of a curse that Alamelamma, queen of the Vijayanagar Empire, set upon the Wadiyar dynasty of Mysore. The Nandi fort was the target of a famous three-week siege by the army of Cornwallis during the first war against Tipu Sultan. The village was established in by the well-known Odissi dancer Protima Bedi.

Cave exploration is the highlight of this place, however, and it is something that should not be missed out on. Talakkad Talakkad source If you love history and want to soak in a slice of it, head to Talakkad. Despite the difficulty, the trek is definitely worth the effort. Talakad and its shrines and temples are shrouded by several other legends that you can discover by visiting them. This place is usually crowded on weekends.

The unique feature of the hill is that it looks like a bull from the East, a Ganesha from the West, a Linga from the South and a cobra from the North. It is geographically located close to Skandagiri. Unknown to many, Nandi hills also houses a small vineyard near the village of Nandi that one can visit and understand the various processes of winemaking. But dotted with rocks and boulders, this place is the perfect spot for cave explorations, trekking or any rocky adventure to set your adrenaline rushing high. This sure is a one-stop destination for flora-fauna viewing, trekking, museum sighting, elephant sanctuary, wildlife safari, audio-visual viewing etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To See In A Day In Bangalore

Anthargange hosts several trekking, cave exploration and rock climbing expeditions for those who want to quench their thirst for adventure. But it is popular among tourists and visitors from the city for its team building and water sports activities. The park is also abundant in fauna and is a great destination for trekkers and adventure lovers, too. The hills are also called Kalwarbetta, and are essentially part of the same range as the Nandi hills. There are several adventure sports on offer nearby as well that can be tried out over the course of a day.

Pack your basket, stuff it with snacks and grab your favourite book or board game and enjoy the marvel and cool shadow of the large tree. The best time to visit the place is during the monsoon season and during the winters.

To help you out with the best ones, here is a guide for popular picnic spots in Bangalore. There a number of picnic spots around Bangalore and these offer wildlife tours, trekking spots, hilly adventures or merely areas to refresh and chill. And Bangalore has much to offer in this department.

However, people can enjoy coracle riding further down the river. Skandagiri or Kalwarbetta is especially popular for its night treks. Anthargange Anthargange Caves source Anthargange is an ideal place for a quite family outing. It is home to cranes, painted storks and pelicans.

Being a popular tourist spot, its gardens are well maintained by the State Horticulture Department. But Bangalore has many treasures lying nearby as well. The temple is situated amidst thick vegetation and a wonderful spot to experience natural beauty of the area.

One day picnic spots near Bangalore for a quick getaway

The idea behind Nrityagram was to develop a traditional Gurukul to teach Indian classical dance. Anthargange literally means Inner Spring, named after a spring originated in the hill and water flows through a bull statue at the temple in middle of the Anthargange hill. Overlooking these falls is a small shrine dedicated to Shiva, adding a religious touch to the place. The ideal time to visit is during the day between September and February.

So what are you waiting for? It even houses the Royal Bengal Tiger. Apart from enacting your favourite moments from the iconic Hindi film, you can go trekking or exploring the local caves around the town. It gets its name from the ancient Nandi or bull which is meant to be the mount of Lord Shiva.

Climbing down the steep rocks might be a risky affair. However, this place also hosts trekking, cave exploration and rock climbing expeditions. With adequate facilities and a well-planned series of activities, this is a destination worth visiting with everyone, and one of those rare places where the crowd only adds to the fun and excitement. This is one of the popular tourist places near Bangalore.

Situated in the midst of hills, nestled deep down in a valley, this secluded place makes a fascinating picnic spot. Both temples worship Narasimha, an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. The sands of Talakad are said to be the result of a curse that is said to have been set upon the town.

It covers an expanse of three acres and is about years old. The falls are located on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border and is formed where the Cauvery River enters the state of Karnataka. Apart from the famous toy industry known for its sculpted toys painted in natural dye, the place is also home to one of the oldest temples of Varadaraja. So now that you know where to go from Bangalore, pick one of them and head on out. Yes, we are talking about the fun options we have in this beautiful city.

Situated amidst dense forests along the banks of river Cauvery, Bheemeshwari is for those seeking adventure in a day. The temple is very ancient and considered sacred. Avani Avani source Avani offers best of both worlds in a day trip.

It is a fast-paced city with good weather for most of the year and plenty of places to explore within its limits. Here are the top picnic spots near Bangalore.

Nandi Hills There are excellent adventure sports to enjoy at Nandi Hills source Nandi Hills is well-known as one of the prominent picnic places in Bangalore just beyond the airport. Head over for a day-long picnic with great weather and beautiful scenery. Sandeep Chandra Conclusion The above picnic spots are just a few, npr economics online dating out of the endless spots around Bangalore. The Silicon Valley of India has many scenic spots suited for a quick one-day picnic.

Also known as Pearl Valley, this is one of the popular Bangalore tourist places to visit for halfday. The name of the village is derived from Kokkare meaning stork and Bellur meaning village of jaggery. Not spoilt by packed tourists, there is a lot to unearth in this place, and it is the best haunt to spend a day in peace and tranquillity in the lap of nature. The architecture of the temple is very Dravidian. The end of monsoons marks the best weather to visit the falls.

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Devarayanadurga is famous for the natural water spring called Namada Chilume which is considered as the source of Jayamangali River. Plan a two-day camp here and book their Jungle Lodge or Cottage to feel like a part of nature. One of the best times to visit Nrityagram would be during the Vasanthahabba festival held to celebrate the arrival of spring. Artists from all over the world perform at the Nrityagram amphitheater during this festival. Monsoons Aug to Nov is the best time to visit this place.

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It nestles a feet waterfall with several tiers, falling gracefully to form a swimming pool at the bottom. You can spend the day taking part in rafting, shooting and kayaking with your friends, family members or colleagues. Whether you want to hang out with family, friends or just your spouse, the areas around Bangalore has you covered. Savandurga Savandurga source Savandurga is the largest monolith formation in all of Asia, which attracts the attention of trekkers trying to beat the perilous but enjoyable trek. Besides the sanctuary, the park also has a one-of-its-kind butterfly park.

Unwind, let go and connect with the soul of nature. Take a dive in this crystal clear water and feel one with nature. You can visit the prison even today.

What are the romantic places in Bangalore in summer?

Scientists have estimated the tree to be almost years old. Savanadurga Savandurga Hills source Home to one of the largest monoliths in Asia, the place has the two best trekking destinations- Kariguda and Billiguda. Send photos from your travels to travel corp. The destination is also a popular spot for pilgrimage, with the beautiful Kashi Vishweshwara Temple.