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Big Time Rush Lyrics

Recording Industry Association of America. Usually, a duet has one person on each side. We're in the middle of the second season. Inspired by Freddie Gruber. Inspired by writer Sherwood Anderson and painter Paul Gaugin.

List of songs recorded by Rush

Eventually I got it, but it took a lot of practice. Inspired by New Territories in Hong Kong. Bass for The Black Sea Station. With Terrance and Phillip.

List of songs recorded by Rush

Inspire by music artists Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins. Inspired by crepuscular rays, also known as Jacob's ladder. Eliot poem, The Love Song of J. Both official versions were later included on the international releases of the album. Inspired by the falling of the Berlin Wall.


Inspired by Aristotle and Plato. She wanted to get into acting, so we wrote an episode about her. She absolutely deserves to be where she is. Inspired by the title of a novel with the same name written by A.

Inspired by the concept of virtual reality. Challenge and Defiance, b.

If you hear her sing in real life, she sounds just as good live every time. We're in between filming, and that's the crazy part. Inspired by the issue What Do Dreams Want? Originally intended to be a ballad.

List of songs recorded by Rush

Big Time Movie Soundtrack. First time all three of members of the band collaborated on the lyrics. To promote the album, ubuntu user manual Big Time Rush embarked on many promotional tours.

Big Time Rush Lyrics

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In memory of Robbie Whelan a friend of the band who died in a car accident near the studio where the band recorded the album. Inspired by the myth of the Seven Cities of Gold. Inspired by Robertson Davies and Herbert Gold. Vocals supporting for Northern Lights.

Echoes from the Underground. Inspired by a Time Magazine article on black holes.

Neil was in an Ayn Rand period, so he wrote the song about being very individual. Addresses man's anima as defined by Carl Jung. Inspired by the Manhattan Project research and development project which produced the first atomic bombs. It was such a pleasure to have Jordin on the song. Inspired by the antisocial personality disorder known as malignant narcissism.

She's so down-to-earth like that. Buenos Nochus, Mein Froinds!

List of songs recorded by Rush

Strings arranged and conducted by David Campbell. Based on the self-imposed exile of Neil Peart after losing both his daughter and wife within a month period. Inspired by the experience of being a touring musician. Discusses personality dualism.

Big Time Rush is a standout, not only because of their boyish charm and good looks, but because their music is a cool blend of synth-pop, hip hop, and boy-band harmonies. Rush band songs Lists of songs recorded by Canadian artists. This is a list of songs recorded by members of the Canadian rock band Rush.


An instrumental based on dreams of Alex Lifeson. Drums and Lyrics for Vertical Horizon.

She became a good friend of mine. And I really just liked the word. When asked about the collaboration, James stated.

While working on the album, the band released many of the songs as promotional singles onto iTunes, as well as debuted them on their television series. Inspired by the game Rock-paper-scissors. Inspired by the killer instinct found in humanity.

Addresses imprisonment in Nazi concentration camps. About growing up in the suburbs.

However, the album version is done solely by the band. Features Aldo Nova on keyboard.

BTR (album)

Neil Peart chose the title of the track based on Alex Lifeson always being worried about his potential hair loss. Inspired by A Passage to India by E. They waste away their lives in delusions, paranoia, aimless rage, and neuroses, and in the process they often make those around them miserable, too.