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We use cookies to ensure the best possible experience. There is even a domain checker so that people can confirm whether a domain is available or not. The template has extensive and clean documentation and even then if you get into any glitch there is a Live support with real people that can give you instant feedbacks and solve your problem. The code snippet is also pasted. Width of the stage or canvas element.

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There is also a page for the oh snap moments that all websites sometimes face. Go ahead and find a suitable template for your website and give it a brand new look and enhanced functionality. In Stage, set the percentage values for Alpha. This is applicable only when Combine images into spritesheet option is unchecked.

Video background makes the website with an animated effect. In the Spritesheet tab, select the Combine image and assets into spritesheets check box. As technologies advance apace, the volume of online videos continues to increase fast. You will find here lots of sections from various menus, contact forms, sliders and galleries up to shops, info blocks, maps and pricing tables. This template is perfect to make almost any and every website stand out.

The template is ready for any viewing on any device and has been tried and tested. The source files are very organized so it is very easy to understand and use as well as being optimized for search engines. It could be the perfect website template for any business or news blog. Either you run tech or It company, making product presentation and their information is challenging.

The requestAnimationFrame method mentioned earlier is in use here. The animation-fill-mode property specifies a style for the target element when the animation is not playing before it starts, after it ends, or both. Allows users to select if the animation should be responsive with reference to Width, Height, or both and resizes the published output based on various form factors. The templates offer options for various purposes from business startups, widescreen powerpoint templates to youtubers to online shops or even restaurants.

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By default, the Preloader option is not selected. Artworks and creative projects are attractively displayed on the front and center of the template.

This is a hands down awesome creation and practises minimalism to the core. Watch the laptop turn into mobile when resized. There is a product slider with thumbnails carousel.

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The template packs a lot of powerful features that you can totally use to dazzle the users who visit your website. The documentation is standard and you need not worry about understanding it. It will present them your professional experience and help them to identify and hire you. Export bitmaps as sprite sheet.

The template is perfect for a business website or creative websites. The template is unique with features such as parallax background effects, call to action button, blog elements, social media footer and much more. The template is highly customizable and indispensable for those who would like to begin and kick-start their personal and business website. In this case, Animate visually indicates that the feature is not supported. Either you term it a project or work section.

The nutrition website templates are fresh and attractive with topics such as health, fitness, body, food, beauty, diet, weight loss coaches, female coaches, and women's diet. All of the free website templates in this collection have been sourced from trusted websites. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For more information, see this link.

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The folder in which the sound assets in your document are placed into and referenced from. Drifolio is a single page template with attractive features and easy customization to set up your website.

We are all familiar with the twisty animations. There are plenty of Google fonts to really make the website look modern. Feel free to define your own style of animation by specifying whatever properties are appropriate within the keyframes scope. Check out another animation demo with requestAnimationFrame.

If you can dream it, this template can do it for sure. The theme is responsive can adapt automatically with mobile, tablet, iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook Pro, Blackberry, and other smartphone and feature. This will help you gather data on your users or to interact with them. From being fully responsive to having a portfolio grid where the window pops up when you over so that you can have a look ath the item details.

Exporting bitmaps as sprite sheet using the options in the Spritesheet tab in Publish Settings. Moderna is a one page business website template built on the Bootstrap framework that is perfect for corporate websites as well as small agencies.

Join Mockplus on Slack Click here support jongde. The documentation is up to date and you will have no difficulty figuring out how to get that paralla scrolling, the lightbox or the carousel slider work perfectly. The default setting continues to publish files segregated into logical sub folders.

Another way to take your website or web app development to the next level is to try one of the modern frameworks that are in wide use today. Website template is the best solution for site building. This template is super clean and elegant. Alpa has great power to navigate anonymous users from sticky menus. This was created to use in the header of my website.

If checked, vector instructions are outputted in a compact form. The plus point of Plus is how clean and minimal it is. Setting a transparent canvas background. You can have an image background or even a video background according to what fits you better. They are cool because, after focusing your eyes on them for a while, you can still see the same movement when you look away.

Everyone hates slow websites, make sure you do not face that problem and this template makes sure the loading of the page is blazing fast. Knight is a cutting-edge creation of Bootstraptaste. The template is fully responsive so you can view the website on any and every screensize and it will come out looking gorgeous without messing anything up in the functions department.

These features help improve workflow efficiency when adding interactivity to objects on stage. It has sliders that blend perfectly in with Bootstrap as well as Navigation bars that are extremely flexible. The output also stretches to cover the entire screen area with no borders, and yet maintains the original aspect ratio, though some part of the canvas may not fit in view. The template is equipped with striking video background, impressive countdown timer, social connection links and one page responsive layout.

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