Empower Yourself

4 Ways You Can Empower Yourself

Acknowledge your feelings, listen to their message, and then let them empower you to make a difference.

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Focus on issues that speak to your heart, and do something about those. No one can do it all, so it is best to focus on one or two things you can do well, and then commit fully to your cause. Trust that you will be the best at what inspires your heart the most. Then consider how you can best make a difference. Maybe you can give your time to directly help the situation. Alternately, use your voice to educate others about a cause or make a monetary donation.

Nobody feels perfect but some of us magnify our flaws more than others. You CAN empower yourself, step by step, with patience and determination. It can take a. How to Empower Yourself. Empowerment is the belief that you have the ability to control the course of your life. People who don't feel empowered may have low.

The more you feel and see yourself making a difference, the more passionate you will be about continuing to create change. Be careful not to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

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Also, take time to look at the positive outcomes from challenging situations, such as the way adversity can bring people together to make a difference. In reality, billions of positive things are happening at every moment. Remember that we can do more together! Sometimes we are afraid to act alone, but when we harness the power of community, we are empowered by this connection and collaboration with others. Find people devoted to your cause, and build on the energy that comes from working collectively toward a greater good.

Practice self-compassion, patience, and positive self-reflection. One of the most important parts of serving is to reflect on what you did and why it helped. This creates positive mental imprints and releases endorphins in the brain, increasing your chances of being proactive again in the future and improving your efficacy. Be resilient and avoid discouragement.

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There will be harsh reminders that progress is not always linear. Remember that adversity does not always denote a lack of progress. Have faith that you are planting seeds that will ultimately blossom into positive change. Instead of going out for a drink with friends, try working together on a service project or fundraiser.

For example, you could devote one night a week to cooking a meal for homeless youth.

Create a new normal for your prioritization of time that includes time for selfless service. Take care of yourself. Make sure you are leaving time for true self-nourishment. Identify and reduce or eliminate any activities that may seem relaxing but are actually increasing your stress like scrolling through social media or mindlessly watching television. Remember the power of positive energy, meditation, and prayer. Prayer and meditation are proactive activities that can strengthen you, inspire you, and keep you peaceful in the midst of adversity.

The next time fears or worries arise, flood them with love, presence, and compassion. Instead of feeling anxious, she let herself relax for the rest of the slow drive.

During challenging moments, such as being stuck in traffic, she told us, if we can focus on what we gain from the experience rather than on what we lose, we become less reactive and more proactive. Our mindset can instantly change from negative to positive, an empowering awareness.

You can connect with daily reminders that you are strong and capable, both emotionally and physically, in many ways. Read on for eight simple things you can try:. Giving yourself short, undivided, positive attention each day is nourishing and fortifying.

Instead of asking herself—Why is this happening to me? However, refusing to acknowledge negativity only gives it more power over us. For me, self-empowerment is standing up for my own beliefs, and executing actions around those beliefs, to the best of my ability. Believe in Your Own Strength We are conditioned from birth to be modest and self-deprecating. Be careful not to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

We are so busy listening to their feelings, wants and needs, she says, that we neglect to take care of our own. Chill time gives you the "opportunity to tune in, regroup, and connect with yourself. The key is to give yourself time to listen to your own voice for change.

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Make a to-do list. Learning martial arts is the No. She suggests, instead, that you make a To-Do list every day, or at the beginning of every week.

8 Little Things You Can Do To Empower Yourself

Use your natural talents. We can use our natural talents not only to forge a new career organizing coach , but also to help a non-profit sing at a benefit , or for a friend in need cook a hot meal for a bereaved friend. Another easy strategy, says personal fitness trainer Kusha Karvandi, is to change your computer passwords to a motivational mantra, for example, Better3veryD y.

Give yourself a massage. Borrow from the healing practice of India, Ayurveda, and take 10 minutes every day to give yourself a body massage, suggests Merel Martens, a yoga instructor from India.

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