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That night ened with us doing a bit more than jus making out. Even went out as a plus one to a function of his.

How do I figure this out or ask him without being annoying. We ended up just hanging out the rest of the night and he even promised we woulf talk again. Sheila Dear Henry, so for the last two months I have been hooking up with this guy that I work with. We enjoy each others company. About a month ago I saw him again and for some reason I felt differently about him.

He always brings up marriage and relationships with me and those conversations kind of frighten me. Here is where it turns tricky. Marie Hey A month ago I met this guy while on holiday and hooked up. Until a gathering at his house where i didnt drink and kissed him. Well anyways we stayed up real late and soon we all got real tired so we went to our seperate sleeping areas.

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Dear Henry, malika haqq dating chinx drugz girlfriend A few months ago my friends mom which is like my second mom introduced me to this guy and we became good friends real fast. But then he will not talk to me that much for a few days and I most definitely will not chase him.

Now every now and then, i found myself thinking about him and those great time we had. Long story short he invited me over one night to hangout with him and his bestfriend and his bestfriends girl. Not calling anymore etc being a douche basically.

Then we hung out again just me and him. In your case, you found someone who was willing to be honest with you and tell you he is not attracted to black women. He got my number through a friend and asked me out. Also, he is leaving for the air force soon. It is very difficult at first to decipher those who are genuine and those who just want to try it and that can be frustrating.

Every time I would see him, however, he would always hit on me and try to talk to me. This sounds terribl e typing it out so bluntly but the night actually went very smoothly. He introduced me to his mother and friends. How can I tell if he has feelings for me as well? When we came home from the holiday we texted each other and agreed to meet up.

We had a great time, including the bedroom fun. We never hang out just the two of us, except for the short period of time in the mornings.

He didnt make any moves, we just talked all night and had a good time in the water. It turned into a long distance fling. When it first started, he would text me all the time and asked me out but the date never happened. Be appreciative that he gave you honesty and move on. Well it was my first time giving head.

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Is he really not digging me? Ever since then we always hook up and we go out drinking or for dinner together in a group often. He slept over once and we cuddled all night, after telling me that sleep overs and cuddiling involve too much emotions. He scholds me for dating my ex and when someone calls my phone he will ask me who is calling. He drives me crazy but I like him so much probably because I dont know for sure if he likes me.

What is going on in his mind? It was just sex and nothing more. All of our friends know about this and we usually see each other at least times a week.

Then he kept on texting me to eat or just hangout and i never did. Well anyways, I fell in love with him along the way but he never knew that until recently. Though very rewarding, the white male, black female interplay is a rough road. Then prom was coming up, he asked me and after i said yes last minute, again last minute said i changed my mind.

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What do I say to hangout with him again or what do I do? After that, he kind of turned into your typical man. Pauletta Ok, this is tricky to explain but I need advice. We had talked a few times then one night after the bar we had hooked up. But we still had a great time.

Then another time we hungout at his house we drank played games and that ended up us super making out but not all the way.