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Even the very Guju Paresh Rawal sidestepped dubbing to deliver dialogues himself in acchu Telugu with hilarious results. Perhaps our current crop of filmmakers can take inspiration from the originality and universality of the storyline and the brilliance of its telling. While Chandu goes off to meet his friend and decide what to do with the money they found, Satya is left to guard the henchman, who breaks free and subdues her, then calls Nayar.

Yes, that one song is good. Am glad at least one person in the world thinks like me. How will Rishi unravel the mystery?

Sirivennela Sitaramasastri. She is very innocent and cute as well.

Kshana Kshanam is one of them. Ram Gopal Varma, ibibo ibrowser for pc the director who is never afraid to speak his mind is the director of Kshana Kshanam.

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In almost the entire film, she and Venkatesh have not changed their costumes, except near the climax. Best if watched with subtitles if u dont understand Telugu. This movie belongs to comedy-drama-chase genre.

Theatrical release poster. Thank you for submitting your review. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Sricharan Pakala composed the film's soundtrack and score.

Kshana Kshanam

Brilliant, close-to-life performances by the lead actors lent the film's rather fictional storyline a sense of authenticity and believability. Hopefully such cultured movies for the masses will become popular again instead of the masala dosa movies that dominated the decade preceding magadheera. Chandu and Satya face a few challenges in avoiding the police, Narayana's brother and Nayar in the forest, gradually growing closer to each other. She would win mastery of our hearts over and over again in dance sequences, comedy scenes, with scintillating smiles or a simple glance.

Left with no options, Nayar decides to have the train stopped so that he can shoot them and retrieve the money, only for his henchman and the train driver to struggle and fall out of the train. His smart comebacks, expressions and his versatile acting skills. Venkatesh as the Modern Telugu Her o. Sharvanand, Allari Naresh, Kamalinee Mukherjee.

True, they were not his all time funniest scenes. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. The cast and crew of Kshana Kshanam is worth a mention. Varma's direction is special as always in the sense that he lets his actors take the story forward for us spectators.

Never mind his detractors, and never mind the painful fact that he has more misses than hits, his classics like Satya, Rangeela, Company, Shiva, Bhoot, Sarkar etc. But few people can deny she was the greatest actress in the Telugu and Indian film industries. Sridevi and Venkatesh find themselves in a jungle with Paresh Rawal behind them and police chasing both the sets! Excellent Work by Keeravani Music and Editing.

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But only Brahmanandam could manage to steal a scene from Sridevi herself. Brahmanandam and in some instances, Paresh Rawal as well perfectly fit the roles with their subtle yet hilarious mannerisms. And yet, in spite of this meditation on materiality, it managed to give us a vision of modernity that still had place for morality.

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The movie is set in Vijayawada with a contemporary political back drop. Kshana Kshanam is one the most lovely movie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While that was the case of the glowing diva, Venkatesh is not far behind.

We see both the lead actors in a very limited variety of costumes except in songs. Wikipedia tells me that Ram Gopal Varma did make a hindi version of it called Daud but I have no idea about it. Karthik recalls Shweta being attacked by two masked men to steal her car. Some of the most serious situations are depicted so neatly and funnily that they trigger laughter, almost involuntarily.

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In fact all numbers in this movie are catchy and have been super-hits. And there you have it, dear Reader. At the next station, Nayar and his men board the train, leading to a fight between Chandu and the goons. Thank you for recognizing the genius of this movie and documenting it so vividly.

His narrative, the way the story was kept engaging to the very end and the fantastic execution of the screenplay, all added to the success of Kshana Kshanam. Although few obvious situations and few flaws towards the end of the movie can be found, as an whole a decent credit should be given to the story. Bramhanandam's cameo and great music by Keeravani add value to this movie. Sridevi has played an extraordinary role in the movie.

Rest of the movie includes the adventures Satya and another thief Chandu played by Venkatesh who saves satya from these situations. Keeravani Films shot in Ooty s avant-garde and experimental films. Indeed, it was what I like to call haute-mass cinema. You can change your city from here. Then, of course, there was Paresh Rawal's impeccable portrayal of the neurotic bad-guy which just blew my mind away.

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In short the ancient wit of the land ofTenali Ramakrishna in present day context. Arjun Reddy, a short tempered house surgeon gets used to drugs and drink when his girlfriend is forced to marry an other person. She finds help in a thief Venkatesh.

Only thing jarring in this whole setup is ill-placed songs that simply ruin the pace of the movie. Kshana Kshanam is known popularly for its songs.

You can search, but I am not so sure about subtitles. However, this soon becomes a game of power. Redirected from Kshanam film. Nayar is arrested by the police, and Chandu returns the money to Yadav, after being forced to do so by Satya.