L4d2 The Sacrifice

The only way we're coming in there is if you are dead or on fire. Bill, without pause, jumps off the bridge and makes his way to the generators, restarting them as three Tanks strike him and maul him to death. The bridge grinds to a halt, as three Tanks fight their way through the horde towards the bridge. Bill and Zoey head to the generator to get it working, where Bill tries to apologize, but Zoey cuts him off and says she will follow the plan to head to the Florida Keys. Louis quickly convinces the two soldiers on guard outside the door to not attack a wandering Witch who happens to pass along the corridor at this point.

Mora who holds them at gunpoint, which Bill quickly disables, but a Tank approaches, killing the soldier, as well as destroying a nearby helicopter carrying Major Everly. Rip your guts out with their claws. Meanwhile, the Survivors along with the doctor and two soldiers fight their way out, hoping to find a train to lead them to the South. Unable to stand up, Bill faces the three Tanks heading for him while lighting a cigarette with a smile on his face. Oh, I ain't even got to the screwed-up part.

Just after the doctor concludes with a plea that they all help each other escape, a loud alarm goes off in the facility. But as they all run, Bill starts the train, leaving the doctor and soldiers who are unable to make it to the train, and killed one by one by the Infected. Back to present, while Bill and Louis discuss the Florida Keys, Francis placates Zoey with the fact that while Bill doesn't always do what is right, he still does it for the right reasons.

Bill manages to turn on the generator but before he can make it back, is mortally injured by a Tank's punch, hurling him into a side room against heavy machinery. He drops the bombshell that the Survivors are fully infected but asymptomatic Carriers, which means that they have been unwittingly spreading the Infection all over Philadelphia. Wherever we are, it sure ain't Camp Echo.

Two days after the first infection, Francis gets in trouble with the law, and is scheduled for jail. Big fatassed zombies that barf on you. Anybody that makes a break for it, that body gets shot. While Louis is explaining what the Smoker is, disney hercules full movie online no Lt.

The Sacrifice

Mora has mutinied, relieved Major Everly of command during which process the alarm was tripped. At a town at the end of the line, they start searching for a boat. She now realizes that her father was an immune Carrier and that this tragic action was unnecessary.

Louis finds a yacht for transport which Bill is against, as he wanted to find a sailboat. They'll pick a boulder up just to beat you to death with it.

Left 4 Dead 2 The Sacrifice

Part Two continues on from Part One. An upset Zoey shouts at him for leaving them behind as the train continues onwards.

They specifically released versions of the comic without text or speech bubbles for the purpose of allowing fans to localize them into other languages. In the epilogue, Zoey, Louis and Francis are seen on the sailboat heading towards deserted islands in the distance. However, she releases him when he goes into an inexplicable blind panic, at which point the doctor intervenes and explains the situation. Mora overthrows Everly and sounds the evac alarm, unintentionally drawing Infected that attack the base, including several Special Infected able to breach the base's defense. These things're thirty feet tall.

Back to the present, the doctor asserts that he is the only one standing between them and summary execution as infected Carriers. When one of his friends Duke kills her and rants about the coming Zombie Apocalypse, Francis realizes the opportunities to be had from such a thing, including the lawless nature of it all. They'll leap a hundred off a building, right on top of you. In the present day, Louis and Francis are locked up together in a sealed room with independent ventilation, where Francis fails at agitating the military personnel in order to escape. This act of good faith convinces the guards to let Louis and Francis out of their cell and lead them to the armory for weapons.

If you go down there, he did it for nothing. Mora becomes concerned that the Survivors may be on the side of the Infected, and privately discusses plans to evacuate the facility. They are soon attacked by a Tank and a horde of Infected. But the sound the generator makes alerts the Infected forcing them to run back to the bridge. They start nearby generators and prepare to fight the horde while waiting for the bridge to be raised, but soon the generators give out.

See, the barf attracts other zombies. They add that comics help to go into stories that the game doesn't elaborate on.

With the group using tactics both conventional and unconventional to defeat the Tank, Annie and Jeff bid farewell as they leave to join with a nearby outpost, while the others find a nearby train. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As the bridge raises, it is extremely noisy, and alerts hundreds and hundreds of Infected. Meanwhile, Zoey and Bill are held under armed guard in a medical examination room. Pulling back the panic and fear, Bill escapes the hospital and streets of Infected to make it home.

Now equipped in his old army clothing with firearms, Bill is ready to properly face the new threat. While Bill speaks with Louis and the two soldiers, Annie and Jeff, Zoey talks to Francis about how he is still his joking self, upon which Francis remembers his past. The outpost suddenly becomes swamped and overrun with Infected, who see the train in sight. Finding an available train, the group becomes concerned that it has become too quiet, and Zoey suggests there is something lying in wait for them. Zoey herself is horrified to learn that her father, who requested her to kill him before he turned, had the Carrier gene, meaning that his death could have been avoided.

Mora loses his mask defending himself from the Infected, upon which his platoon quickly abandon him, leaving him for dead as he is contaminated. On the way, they encounter a soldier-turned Boomer who Francis is able to dispose of with his bare hands. Unfortunately, the resulting lure of Boomer bile draws Common Infected towards them. Following this plan, the Survivors take the injured Louis with them, due to the obvious danger of being alone, and fight their way to the bridge, where the button to raise it fails.

The two soldiers sacrifice themselves to protect the group as they start the train. The Sacrifice was released in four parts.

Left 4 Dead The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

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