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Still, things probably would have worked out sooner if she just sat Miroku down and explained to him that gropping a woman whenever you feel like isn't the best way to build a relationship. Tomorrow would be the first day of figuring out how to turn the situation around. And if me trying to play matchmaker all those times with him didn't work, I don't think Mom's would, either. Closing the notebook with a snap, Nabiki got ready for bed.

However, she continues to see them as flushed and unwilling to admit it, and goes incredible lengths to try and get them together. At times, she talks to Kyon about his relationship to Haruhi and Mikuru. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Of course, Chamo isn't much better. Writing the contract she had memorized before she could forget, dating in the dark Nabiki sat back in her chair with the copy in hand.

  1. Playing with matches, a girl can get burned!
  2. If you wish to be mischievous, do it to Haru-nyan.
  3. Mr Mxyzptlk, of all beings, when Clark and Lois had split up in the Superman comics.
  4. There's no failure condition, just some running back and forth between the two, but eventually it's implied that they start dating.
  5. Keep an eye out for professionals and relatives, and especially expectant parents who plan at Arranged Marriage.
  6. Kagome from InuYasha puts considerable effort into bringing Miroku and Sango together, effort that ultimately pays off.

The Captain America movies have made a Running Gag out of Cap's friends deciding he needs to get laid. Your review has been posted. She quickly memorized the writing, so that she could reproduce it later, before handing it back to Nodoka with a smile. If the player is so inclined, the Warden can meddle in those circumstances and enable them to make plans to marry. She rarely swore, but her sisters could frustrate her to no end, at times.

You all know Alice and Bob. Minako is also put into the matchmaker role because her realm of influence is love. And you know better than I how his compassion shines under conditions of shared stress.

In The Adventures of the League of S. It doesn't always go so well, and the trope is rather deconstructed. Nodoka withdrew her arm, only for a familiar piece of paper to fall from her sleeve as she did. Boynton and achieving her Happily Ever After. You're a real member of the family, jojo dating all right.

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Bennet fills this role for her daughters. Jane is a close friend of Alice who has nothing but Alice's best interest in mind. We will commit seppuku if I fail. And in fact, when Miyu and Matsuri start fighting and competing over Hina, they muse about whether it would be better to let them break up and set one of them up with Hina instead. Huh, somehow, that sounded less self-incriminating in my head.

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The writing mentioned is not something I have translated myself, and the idea came from having seen different translators translate it slightly differently each time. Mhm, I'm sure she'll always forgive you! Karkat doesn't deny it, but he still boasts that despite that he is the best relationship consultant Alternia has ever known. Tales of Legendia has Norma, who spends the first half of the game trying to get uptight and shy Chloe to interact with main lead Senel. With a frown, cedar Nabiki turned from her thoughts back to the notebook in her hands.

Even during their missions. Edna's wanted to sit him down and talk sense into him for a long time. This fact is even lampshaded by Casta Scribonia, who was the gossip who originally told you that they looked good together. Hatsune Arisaka from Tona-Gura! Kazuki's pleas that she stop this, needless to say, fall on broadly smiling deaf ears.

Matchmaking and Moneymaking. Mikage from Kamisama Kiss is a Shinto God that specializes in matchmaking and marriages. His wife even calls him a matchmaker.

Sayonara Papa. Vol.1 Chapter 3 Matchmaking Dinner

Ao no Flag deconstructs this trope, as well as Matchmaker Crush. Quickly grabbing the notebook concerning the bet that had lead to this, Nabiki scanned through it. Anne from Anne of Green Gables seemed to make a habit of this. Naturally, the whole thing eventually blows up and Rachel ditches both guys. It's all good-natured, really, but still Seto is a force of nature that tends to completely steamroll everything and everybody in her vicinity.

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There's a brief scene in the epilogue of the manga that seems to imply that Rosette is trying to set up Joshua and Azmaria, too. Mutsumi Otohime from the Love Hina manga and anime tries more than anybody to help Keitaro and Naru be together. Then again, the plot of his manga depends on it.

Nabiki sighed as she felt a headache coming on. If this seems to vague, you will see what I mean when you get there. Davis who eventually emerges as the champ.

Charlie simply loves to do this on The West Wing. She's pleased when it seems like her daughter is hanging out with her old friend Luna again, and urges them to spend more time together. Nodoka set her hand on the girl's shoulder.

For a week, Nabiki had tried to come up with a way to turn things around for the betting pool concerning Ranma. She liked the money, but cared more about the thrill she got from manipulating someone with a well placed threat and a few photos. More advanced cases will introduce Alice and Bob when they are strangers, because the matchmakers deems them perfect for each other. If he's been made more human, he matches her with himself.

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For the most part, any changes were so miniscule as to make no effective difference. She proceeds to forge notes in which each asks the other to meet, hoping they will hit it off. Oh well, here it is anyway!

Conklin tries to play matchmaker for Miss Brooks and Mr. The plot of the first Back to the Future revolves around Marty trying to get his parents to date so he can exist in the future. Matchmaker, matchmaker, plan me no plans!

So much that it's even used in real life for naming people who matchmake their friends. Really, it seems like Norma doesn't actually care that deeply about relationships and is just messing with everyone for fun. Without further ado, dating a enjoy!

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Syuuen Matchmaking Battle Royale Chapter 1

One of the few things that will elicit an enthusiastic and energetic response from Fluttershy is suggesting you might be interested in getting a pet. Get Known if you don't have an account. She knew Akane did care for Ranma, so she was hesitant to interfere in their relationship.

  • He gets Sergeant Hong to put in a good word to her for him, which he does but until he makes a proposal through the proper channels, won't make up her mind.
  • She grins at his ex-partner, and his ex-partner grins back.
  • In the Aunt Dimity novels, Dimity is a highly skilled one.
  • She was Nabiki's sister, so she would not blackmail her directly, just like she knew Akane would never attack her.
  • Expect several attempts to make a match for the character madly in love with the Matchmaker, and resolution only to come at the very end.

Sexual matchmaking thesuuyaku

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