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Part of the reward in playing My Tribe is coming back every so often and seeing how your tribe has progressed while you were away. With a never ending supply of new locations to build your tribe you won't soon run out of things to do. My Tribe has done an admirable job with the first part, total commander for windows 7 though time doesn't seem to work quite the same when the game is open.

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But there are specific ones that I want to keep. Question - I have built storage huts, but apparently they are not being used - is this a bug or did I do something wrong when I built them?

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Hello everyone, Was wandering, when you go to another island do you need to find one with the fountain of youth on it? You have to set people to tasks that will help the tribe get food, resources and future generations to continue the work of your initial characters. Oh, and I checked out the time speed too. Does anyone know how to take a screenshot? You can also advance your village by collecting fallen stardust and moon dust or various random boxes which wash ashore.

It grows into the Ever Tree and produces ironwood, which is much stronger than regular wood. Alright, this game is incredibly awesome- one question, is each item predefined by its number? It's a very good deal since Big Fish continues to release one new game every day, as well as a very large catalog of games already released.

Started having babies, keeping a geneology and mostly twins. One crew set out and found a vast plethora of unexplored islands, but their joy was short lived because on the twelfth day of their journey a mighty storm arose and smashed their small vessel. Exactly the same, down to the name.

It's also possible to simply run out of things to do if you don't have any buildings under construction and if all of your storage huts are full, etc. They now find themselves stranded on an unfamiliar island.

You start from scratch just like you did at the beginning, except you may have some stardust and moondust to help, and you retain the technology you've earned. Could you edit my last post? Has anyone had any luck creating two or more rocks at the same time? Collect Moondust and use that on your science lab. You don't have to find another island with a fountain, unless you just think it's pretty.

Try using the Preview function when first creating your own until you get the hang of it. You'd probably have to watch the age of a newborn and just time it. However, multiple attempts to make another rock have failed. How do you do the sandcastle-like mystery on the facebook version?

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To get a fountain - A fountain is one of the Mysterious Objects. How many farms do you have? Does anyone know how to get ironwood. The berries come when you solve the Unhealthy Bush mystery. Here's a screenshot of it, too.

Use our game submission form. The Facebook game may be very different. Very nice game, but also time consuming.

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Copy and paste the code below to embed. Legal notice All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner s. Please tell me how to or can I speed up time? Tesshi-e is back with another excellent game!

For the tower, try to build it all the way, not just halfway. About the Flower Tree - You're supposed to complete the pattern of flowers on the ground around the tree, not the flowers actually on the tree itself. Be sure to have your strong person tend the plant while it's raining.

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Sim fans and everyone else will enjoy this great game. Hello everyone you all have been such a help for me with this game. They are nessary for the boat, like other things.

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That's the one you get for the Red Rock. Everything else has to be build all over again. There's billions of islands anyway, so not a problem. If you're not in the mood to waste valuable ingredients mixing potions, I have created a cheat sheet with all the potion recipes you can get from a barrel or crate.

All said they were doing things, like exploring, eating, etc. Then, Place a Legendary Agriculturist on the plant. If your review isn't R-rated, it will be posted shortly.