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It's a draw between Jeremy and Eloise depending on how many episodes are centred around them. The Malotra's competitive rival with Eloise's family. Samira is close to them because of their Maghreb heritage She's Moroccan whilst they're Algerian. Only Takeshi and Bunji were against this becasue they thought Samira was a mole for Tag.

He even gave Tek advice about love. Two other characters are called Samira One of them is a member of the Rifflers whilst the other also plays for the Scorpions.

Every team must have at least one girl. Jeremy and the twins agree on the same things and they hang out together. It kinda helps due to the fact that Lil Dragon often looks up to Tag since his father hasn't been mentioned.

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Nico is the red oni to Fede who is the blue oni. The twins on the other hand were the first friends that Tag had.

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He tends to lose his temper but he's never that intimidating. It has become a running gag that everyone thinks Eloise takes media and entertainment serious but her parents really think so. Eloise uses this excuse on rare occasions though her parents often use this.

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Screw the Rules, I'm Beautiful! Her relationship with Tag has also become serious business. Jeremy's mom already has her own opinion of her son but what would his dad say? Everyone fussing over Tek's problems.

Jeremy did martial arts in China, brought a daishiki in Senegal and knows his way around a favela in Brazil. Tag uses wiry Gabriel as a stand in because he's the tallest. Unfortunately, the paln backfired.

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And Eduardo, who drove a police car once to an important game. Averted with Tek, who isn't even tall but he starts dating Liraze. The fact that they're dating two of the Team Dad s is a bonus. The Riffler's already know that Tag's dating their daughter, spacer po krakowie online dating so why are they now encouraging Mochi?

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Pablo is proud of Tag for being a national hero in his own country and vice versa. On the other hand, Eloise was popular with students and teachers alike and she was praised with good grades whilst Victoria wasn't.