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Shelton Muthumanage is a talented singer in Sri Lanka but not largely popular. Hitha Assata Athula Adikari. Newer Post Older Post Home. Home Artists Athula Adikari. Anuradha, also a musician, is currently back in Sri Lanka with her husband Nirosha Bandara.

Sanasen Nalawenna Athula Adikari. Surya Nagare Athula Adikari.

Personal Life His favorite singers are H. Aluth Adare Keshan Dhanuddara. Payala Tharu Nil Akasa Pura.

Daiwaye Saradamin Athula Adikari. Sanda Oba Mage Athula Adikari. Tharuka Deneth Purama Yashodha Priyadarshani.

Tharahen Ahaka Bala Athula Adikari. Haiya Mage Hitha Raveen Tharuka. Nilmini Nethu Obe Athula Adikari.

Tharahen Ahaka Bala - Athula AdikariSUNFLOWER LIVE IN KADUWELA 2013- 11-23

05 - Tharahen Ahaka Bala - Athula Adikari-Athula

His nice contributions include Passion Play. Some of her popular tracks are listed below for the referral. Obe Nethulanga Athula Adikari. Ron Podak Wennam Athula Adikari.

Eka Heenen Athula Adikari. Posted by Tharindu Madushanka. Wala Yahane Lapalu Oville. As most of our artist sell their talent for money, Sri Lanka is lucky to have a fine gentleman artist like him. They collaborated on songs before and after their marriage.

Adara Sithin Athula Adikari. While in India, futura bk bt-normal western font composed several songs that appeared on Lucknow radio. Visirunu Mal Pethi Athula Adikari.

Kada Kale Ai Dun Poronduwa. He returned to Sri Lanka in and joined the staff of University of Kelaniya as a lecturer.

Half of the songs in this collection were hits. Guru Para Digata Athula Adikari. He began studying the tabla instrument under D. Pem Purahanda Hansaka Konara.

Me Sonduru Sathsara Asapuwe. Iwasaida Manda Athula Adikari. Anda Manda Sanda Athula Adikari. Athin Atha Raween Kanishka.

William Perera and Dona Amalin Katugampola. However, due to several reasons, their marriage was on the rocks before shattering completely a few years ago, reports say. Sililara Sitha Nayana soorya Nagare. Some of his very popular songs of his few fans are listed below.

Dansal Langa Athula Adikari. Reports say that the lovebirds were intent on keeping the event low scale and away from the attention of the media. Sihinen Aheri Athula Adikari. Dan Ithin Wena Kumak Karannada. Meedumen Wahichcha Athula Adikari.

Adare Soya Athula Adikari. Sanda Tharu Mal Athula Adikari.

Anthonies College, Wattala. Jothipala and Rukantha Gunathilake.

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Athula now has maried a famous model Amaya and lives a happy life with a blessing of a baby for them. Adikarai Mudiyanselage Pubudu Athula Adikari was born in to a musical family. Some of his nice songs are listed below to refer.

He finished in fifth place on the first season of Sirasa Superstar, an idol program in Sri Lanka on the lines of American Idol. Atha Lokayen Athula Adikari.

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Eka Dawasak Athula Adikari. In sujatha attended Kalaniya Vedamulla collage.