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Dwarf Campaign for Warcraft III

But, surely there are at least a couple of campaigns made that are solid. The campaign is supposed to be a side-story that occurs during Blizzard's official campaigns. The events of this campaign don't happen in game lore, but it could have, since its backstory about the Orcs, the extinct High Elf Druids, and their Runestone are all official. If you think you're good at using your brain, I dare you to try making it past the second level of this campaign. As if that weren't enough, the campaign's sidequests employ a karma system, and there's an alternate ending for those who choose to follow the path of evil through the whole game.

Warcraft III campaigns

It has most of the characters you know and love, but the Night Elves and the Orcs are completely absent. These maps will make all the other failed maps you've ever downloaded look like fun. Do not overlook the others though I urge you. It's definitely an epic project though, and thousands of people love it.

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This one is the only notable one to strike my mind really. Naturally, you can expect more of the same foolishness as in Joe's Quest. It strictly adheres to real game lore, and is perfect for those who want to play the events that started it all in a relatively modern engine. The last level manages to be both horrible and full of bugs at the same time.

The result is, by far, gmod 10 steam the most horrible Warcraft custom campaign you will ever play. Could be good for people who want to ignore World of Warcraft. Did I mention the events are taken straight from an official Warcraft book?

Put simply, the following is a list of custom campaigns that are actually worth your time and system resources. Included here are new animations, a custom soundtrack, new sounds and an original storyline.

This campaign spawned a sequel called Return of the Dragon see below. And Yoda says you have to bring your apprentice with you, a teenage girl. Very few authors have dared journey here, and even fewer have emerged triumphant.

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Now, this campaign was infamous and notorious for its horrible bugs, rendering many maps completely unplayable, corrupting save games, etc. It's too long - and not in a good way.

This is the campaign of the Elves from the magical unverse of Aethra. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Orcs and Humans Remake I played through the Human campaign to the end.

Even though the gameplay and plot gets progressively worse, custom voice-acting plays for every line of dialogue. The campaign was incomplete, but I took it upon myself to finish it by creating a special ending in which your heros and their armies are all massacred. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing. The campaign is extremely well-developed and has plenty of humor mixed in with its serious setting.

Warcraft III campaigns

You alternate between playing as the forces of the Lich King and a very unlikely alliance I don't want to spoil anything. The voices were done by professionals and they don't sound cheesy or embarrassing. Here's a video of a YouTuber playing the campaign! Originally Posted by King Candy.

Now, a mysterious force urges him to return to the island. Star Wars fans will definitely want to try it out if they don't mind the bad attempt at humor and the downright insulting portrayal of Darth Revan's character. The plot isn't too bad, and, combined with the gameplay challenging enough to hand even careless veterans a crushing defeat, it kept kept me interested and playing until the very end. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. It seemed stupid to me, but some people might get enjoyment out of this sort of thing.

Warcraft III campaigns

These maps are packed into a single. If your submission get's stuck in the spam filter message the moderators. Perhaps Mathias Chronicles was too stupid even by MedMapGuy's standards, because he gave up on the project. They were so unbelievably bad that I felt the need to gather them into one place.

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Conclusion I hope that this topic helps people find their destiny. For anyone else who has explored custom campaigns, which ones are your favorites? Sure, you could head to a map website and search for campaigns there, but it would take a lot of time and effort to find all the jewels hidden among the trash.

Unfortunately, I never found out if they succeeded, because I deleted the campaign shortly after installing it. Loading a Save makes Oil Platforms disappear. Niiiiice, will play through it on cold winter evenings on the winter break. Keep me logged in on this device. It's not mind-numbingly boring like the exact replica remakes, but it's also not nearly as long, as detailed, or as advanced as as the Saga of Azeroth campaign.

His masters almost hope that he doesn't come back alive. These maps, downloaded from epicwar. Lord of the Clans was actually going to be a real adventure game released by Blizzard, but even though development was completed, they cancelled it at the last minute, unsatisfied with the product. It actually wasn't that bad, the story just didn't captivate me personally. If you're completely bored with no other games to play and you need something to kill several dozen hours of your life, look no further.

You start off as a race of underground lizards trying to break through to the surface. It has two maps, but unfortunately it's incomplete and it seems abandoned.

Back to my true love, free time, at least until we figure out if Legion is going to be any better than Warlords. You play as a crypt fiend whose genetics are now permanently fused with a Dragon. The original was created by Lord Soze.

Dwarf Campaign for Warcraft III

Remember, if you think you know a great campaign that's not listed here, post a reply so that I, and everyone else, can become aware of its existence. It's a great place to start practicing! Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.

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