But again, that's just my theory. Acquired from a reliable source. The combustion chamber temperature drops slightly, contributing to better fuel combustion and a quicker flame spread ratio.

He bought into one of the companies and was developing a system for a couple different vehicles. Some sites present themselves as mechanics giving free advice to motorists.

Even for the few gas-saving products that have been found to work, the savings have been small. Unless, as I mentioned, you find a way to harness energy that would otherwise be wasted. Exhaust emissions harmful to the environment are greatly reduced.

The results were not spectacular. This is a very easy e inexpensive way to enter the world of green energy, and start saving money on fuel and making a huge impact by reducing emissions. Those are a waste of money either way. Your Computer Frustrations!

Equipped with V or larger. Owning a Hummer these days can net you plenty of dirty looks while you are driving on the road.

This kit will require you gluing the final parts together. Online Scams How to spot online scams? This may seem like a very small gain and it is, but to me it is huge.

Google Scam All about the google cash scam Scam What is a scam? And if it's not you'll know it when your battery boils dry.

Complete Water4Gas Kit

Water4gas Update - Car Repair Information From MasterTechMark

The sport utility got the most improved mileage, but it was only like mpg and we figured the truck would have to be driven over K miles to pay for the system. In the end it really comes down to doing it for yourself and finding out firsthand. However, there are readily available devises which could be bought outright and used. Our water gas Green Machine is a safe, affordable gas saving device that connects to your engine. Get the news you need delivered right to you!

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It improves mileage, reduces your carbon footprint, and prolongs the life of your engine. If it was me I wouldn't buy one of those expensive kits though. Yes, safari web browser for windows xp there are such devices but they need to be built by a professional and one could not say how reliable the device can be.

Water4gas v.1.0

The purpose of this system is encouraging the wide spread use of alternative fuels. Gymnastic Training Business Gymnastic is an activity which is able to give a total body workout. Scientists dismissive Freedom's advice to ignore the experts notwithstanding, we checked in with a few.

The new fuel mixture burns cleaner, burns more completely and burns more efficiently. Ask Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger how he solved his problems. Electrolysis is a very energy intensive way to extract hydrogen from water.

Water to Gas - Brown s Gas & HHO Water Gas Technology

Less pressure is needed on the accelerator pedal, to get the vehicle up to speed. Placing more demand on the alternator makes the alternator harder to spin, and the harder it gets to spin the more fuel it uses. The combined fuel results in better fuel economy and an increase in miles per gallon.

The simple fact of it is that you would need to generate a tremendous amount of hydrogen to run an engine, even at idle. It cleans up carbon deposits in the engine and prevents future carbon build up. To find out the pros and cons of each water and hydrogen conversion kits visit water conversion kits review.

However, people will put a device on their car and automatically change the way they drive. This saves preparation time and lets you install and benefit from the unit much sooner. It does take energy to make it, but since your alt makes extra energy anyway, why not use the leftovers to pull some of that hydrogen out?

Almost all of the final assembly, and wiring work are done for you. Also after watching the videos available I see that the largest improvements are made when bigger and stronger hydrogen generators are installed in conjunction with oxygen sensor modifications. The water injection did give the P engine more power and it stopped the knocking. The slightest bit of water in your gas tank can cause huge problems. There is no need to purchase one of the new hybrids that can cost much more than the average Joe is willing to pay.

Any feedback would be great! And alternators do not put out any extra energy if the voltage regulator is working. Alternative Fuels Discussion. The diagnostic port is located on driver side of vehicle below steering wheel.

It did get rid of the knocking, but it also took a ton of water. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Run Your Car On Water Scheme Could Leave Consumers All Wet

Scam Artist How to spot a scam artist? This is all there is to it. Fraud and scams are lurking all over the Internet, waiting for innocent victims who will pay or give out their personal details for what they think might be a legitimate business deal. Should you find the unit to be defective, please contact us immediately.

This is called a supplemental hydrogen or hydrogen on demand system and has many advantages to the efficient operation of your car. There are several victims who believe that they can make their car more fuel efficient with this do it yourself device. This device is then easily installed in your motor car. Scams have no restrictions.