Damon & Elena s 10 best moments from The Vampire Diaries

When do elena and damon start dating in vampire diaries, elena and damon

Damon said what he really wanted to do was throw her back in his bed and never let her leave. She calls Damon, not Stefan, for help, because she doesn't trust Stefan anymore but still trusts Damon. Elena said she trusts Shane. He shrugs it off saying he doesn't remember. They flirt for a while but are interrupted by Klaus.

Damon & Elena s 10 best moments from The Vampire Diaries

They finally find Stefan back at the house but he is still upset with them and leaves the house. Elena then says that his love is a problem and Damon is severely hurt. He tries to calm her down while Elena panics about what happened. Near the end of the episode, Elena fed on Matt again and would've killed him this time had Damon not shown up to stop her.

After Damon explains what happened she apologizes to him. Stefan opened the curtains and she suffered the punishment. Damon was using a fire extinguisher to put out the flames on her arm. Damon found out her location at the ruins of Fell's Church and tried to stop her from destroying the crystal but was unsuccessful.

Do Damon and Elena ever get together in The Vampire Diaries

Damon says he is just trying to protect her and tells her that he is mad because he loves her. Damon, who followed her, tried to calm her down but without any success. Damon is ready to kill Liv, but Jeremy shows up and says Damon will have to go through him.

She rants about nearly killing Liv and killing Aaron Whitmore. After he does the deed, koli and ashley biggest Jeremy stands there and watches as the hunter's mark inch up his arm. The brothers questioned him about why he was after Elena but wouldn't accept that it was for fun. She told him she was going to kill him.

She loves Stephen, but has feelings for Damon. They lure Katherine inside the Salvatore house and Stefan daggers her with the Traveler's Knife killing her for good. She freaks out, cheating find yelling that everyone is lying to her. Elena brushes off his teasing and says that she wants to lock Stefan up so she can cure him of his blood addiction.

He thinks she needs to let it go. Advertisement While Stefan was away ripping, Elena spent the summer hoping to save him from Klaus. Damon then slowly walks up to Elena, then she believes he is going to kiss her.

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She hugs and kisses him before going to class. Damon and Elena checked in with each other later over the phone, and he tells her nothing about Jeremy's car accident, expulsion, Silas, Katherine, or anything else that had happened that day. Later, Elena tells Stefan and Damon that she no longer wants the cure and has no intention to take it. Damon rightfully thought that was a stupid idea because she's not ready to go up against a professional killer. Elena then noticed Damon wincing in pain and told him to take off his shirt.

Damon & Elena s 10 best moments from The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Elena

Damon tried to make peace with Bonnie but was unsuccessful. After Stefan had to vervain Damon, he woke up and she wanted him to go to the Grill, but Stefan had taken his day ring, so he couldn't. He continues to tell her more about the past. Damon gives her Stefan's blood to drink.

  • Later Stefan tells Elena that Damon is dying as he is bitten by a werewolf.
  • They both love each other with a passion that consumes them.
  • The truth is, of course, that Damon wants that with his brother, too.
  • Damon saw her there on a road and mistook her for Katherine.
  • Damon offers to drive her to Whitmore but Elena confesses that if he does that then she won't be able to control herself around him and thus they are gonna end up back here.

Elena/Damon start dating date

Elena voices her concern over their plan. Elena was concerned about why Stefan would be fraternizing with Tessa. However, when he finally tells her, he's unaware that Katherine has taken over Elena's body when she rejects him. Damon arrives in the hospital's parking lot to rescue Elena. Still bloody from the night before, she paces and waits for Jeremy to wake from the dead.

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When will Elena and Damon start dating in the show vampire diaries

This sends him off the deep end and he becomes guilty when he finds out the truth. When Stefan wouldn't answer a call from Elena's cell, they realized something must be wrong. When discovering that Bonnie is going to drop the veil, Stefan teams up with Caroline to search inside for Bonnie, while Damon and Elena look outside. Elena says that being with Damon is unpredictable, and that it makes her feel happy and free. Back in the present, he tries to bite Elena as she begs him to stop, explaining that he is hurting her.

Elena and Damon

  1. Damon flipped his humanity switch so he would stop caring about Enzo, and left him to die in the ensuing fire.
  2. Does Elena love Stephen or Damon in vampire diaries?
  3. He finds her on Wickery bridge, and tries to talk sense into her, but she doesn't listen still heeding the ghostly presences, until Jeremy kills a vampire and breaks the curse.
  4. She insisted on going in, but Bonnie stopped her, and with a spell, she tamed the flames inside so Stefan could rescue Damon.

Damon and the real Alaric, load stone Silas into the trunk of a car, they plan to drop him into the ocean. He challenges Damon to test Elena by giving her a blood bag again. Did they start dating after the acting of Vampire Diaries? Elena broke down on the floor and started crying and shouting about the pain that she couldn't handle anymore.

Elena breaks out of the room Klaus imprisoned her in and Stefan sends Damon to find her. They have told each other countless times about how they care about each other and are close friends. Damon mentions seeing Jeremy with Liv and a bottle of booze this morning at the Grill. He wasn't killing these people to survive, or to save anyone, or because his humanity was flipped off. Elena's new idea in order to help Stefan and herself is to get information out of Rebekah about the Original Family.

Elena/Damon start dating date

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Do Damon and Elena ever get together in The Vampire Diaries

What is vampire diaries about? What will happen to Elena in Vampire Diaries? He decided that he would kill all the members of Augustine and then all the members of the Whitmore family, leaving only one Whitmore alive. He then tells her that she would've liked him better as a human, to which she responds she likes him now, dating sites in florida the way he is. From soft and slow their kisses get more and more passionate.

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Damon looks and feels guilty and walks out of the room when Elena starts to cry. Elena is dating Stefan Salvatore. Are Damon and Elena from vampire diaries dating in real life? He accepts Elena as a vampire now. Stefan gives her a vervain-filled necklace, single mothers dating the vampire-equivalent of a promise ring.

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