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Fuck it bomb on my enemieeees. Ace I like your new gravi. My nigga be working doe but damn. Trill Sammy - Die For Nothing.

On some story telling shit. Has anyone ever been attacked by a Chinese ant? Books by Language permanentlegacy uslprototype. Mlk smell like weed nigga. Should i still eat mc donalds if i saw a roach near the kitchen?

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Your whole name is Pussy Ass Bitch. Did you just blow in from stupid town? Dude just makes wack music.

Song was trash but he got a point. Evol was trash though, purple reign was alright. This is gonna be like the biggest movie of the year. Someone post a YouTube link please so I can save it offline.

Lyrically, Wiz Khalifa's skills are elementary. Wiz Khalifa is getting ready to drop his mixtape with his Taylor Gang Crew and today he releases his favorite song off the project featuring Juicy J. Blend tapes became increasingly popular by the mids, facebook chat for mobile and fans increasingly looked for exclusive tracks and freestyles on the tapes.

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He looks like he smeels like weed, mildew and wet gym socks! Mixtapes LiveMixtapes was established in with the mission of bringing mixtapes from every corner of the country to the internet. It had to grow on me but it was good. Stay high like how I'm supposed to do That crown underneath them clouds, cant get close to you And my car look unapproachable.

He was just as good as Logic and Ty imo. Not as bad as a buffalo after being hit with a spear. If you're listening to hear something deep you should find another artist. But Wayne was on a whole different level.

Sell coke, crack kills Sell coke, crack kills Sell coke, cuz crack kills Sell dope and pills Who got the drank? Smh Wayne better playin wit his nose that nigga look like a tweaker fr.

Future on some Wayne shit. You're right, he's talking about selling drugs in the song. Blase is Wat I meant to say.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Respek my nigga tuned or imma put my lions on you. Pass the freakin ball Wha me go off off off. Doesnt make any difference of you hating on a rapradar blog post. He can pass for Antione Dodson.

This ain't for one night I'm shining all weak hoe. Shutup and get in the studio bitch. New Gucci track suck that last verse good doe.

Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is Repping my town when you see me you know everything Black and yellow I put it down from the whip to my diamonds I'm in. All that music we got was shit wop recorded right before jail but features were added later. This song is dope all around, not a bad verse at all. Get that, this isnt no fucking masterpiece and he isnt claiming that either. Damn i forgot to eat my water i had in the fridge smh too late now fuck it!

Bezz Believe - Discipline New. Rawhide only talks about weed. Even in this video he was on this throne. Waiting for Triggs to let a nigga know something.

Wiz Khalifa Universal Studios New Song

The song was produced by Stargate. He could of did better tho. Dude just makes versatile music. So what if u dont like it? Paper Lovee - From The Soul.

Wiz Khalifa Universal Studios New SongNew Music Wiz Khalifa x Juicy J My Favorite Song

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Whyd wayne look like he got something fucked up in his Grill when he smiled at the End of the video just like the Ariana Grande video. Lmao id legit pay pal you money if I saw you wearing one. And I hate Libran Vulture for saying Wiz looks like a catfish. Smokie Devin been the shyt! No whiny voice and a more serious flow.

Wish he would rap like this more. What does this song mean to you? You got some explaining to do! Is Triggs dumb or is he stupid.

Best shit I ever recorded tbh. Stripes in these streets call me stripey. Cause the owner being a hoe. As far as guns we got the new rods in the basement.

Got damn nigga, shut the fuck up. Must ask her to elaborate for me. You know he looks like he smells like mildew! Enter your e-mail address above to get Lil Wayne updates sent to you via e-mail. They will diss wayne on it im sure.

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